An important up-and-coming singer, she has a strong voice, a wide range, and the ability to dig deep into the lyrics while always swinging. Plus she always sings with a smile in her voice. - Scott Yanow, Jazz Journalist and Historian


“... she has a deliciously supple voice, capable of gliding easily from a thrumming, oaky and often sultry lower register to a delicately melodic upper tier ... there's no question Amanda King is a singer worth watching and, more important, worth hearing."- David Wiegand— San Francisco Chronicle

She’s got a big, rich, slightly smoky voice with as much talent for jazz and soul as swing. Long-searching arcs and sighing overtones seem effortless, as does the precision with which she improvises around a tune. Her stage persona is warm and packed with gusto.
 - Alix Cohen, Cabaret Scenes

Amanda King is a big lady with a big beautiful, lush voice. She seems lit from within, warmth and vivacity pouring out of her as naturally as breathing. Soul, swing, and jazz numbers are offered with elegant simplicity whether pumped up or poured like syrup. - Alix Cohen, Woman Around Town

Amanda King has always been good – but now she has gone beyond good to ‘Absolutely Sparkling’. Her unique sound and uncanny ability to bring back the days of Anita O’Day, Mildred Bailey, Bea Wain and Blanche Calloway made this a very special musical trip indeed. - Lee Hartgrave, 

She has that early Carmen McRae/Dinah Washington/Ella Fitzgerald smoothness and a natural subtlety. - Steve Murray, Cabaret Scenes

“Stately grandeur and youthful intensity: the annual New York Cabaret Convention at the Rose Theater has never lacked for great ladies and refined gentlemen. ... All it takes to demonstrate that somehow or other the tradition goes on is a couple of exceptional rising talents. And at the convention’s opening-night gala on Thursday, two singers — T. Oliver Reid and Amanda King — leapt out from the pack." - Stephen Holden— New York Times
King’s expressive intonations showed a mastery of control as the quartet solidly assayed the landscape of this lovely, somewhat haunting tune. Superb.  King is well on her way to becoming a legend. She is an artist well worth following.  -  Mike Ward - San Francisco Bay Times

Listening and re-listening to the eleven cuts of Amanda King's Chanteuse, one is drawn to the singer's up-beat approach and lyrical line. King delivers whimsy in the soul and depth in the swing."  - Rita Kohn, NUVO Newsweekly

Her husky alto voice has been described as a combination of Ella Fitzgerald, Carmen McRae (in the early years) and Dinah Washington. The delivery is smooth and the phrasing is sure. King has an infectious smile, a wonderfully open face and an actor's timing.  - Robin Collins, San Rafael