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Amanda King: Guestbook

Derek Stefan

July 29, 2017

Thank you Ms. Amanda King for bringing your talent and artistry to the Kaiser Roof Garden yesterday afternoon. You and your three piece combo were a perfect example of "jazz on a summer day"... to hear these sweet tunes you evoke Ella, Sarah, Carmen and so many more! Thank you for carrying the torch of this style of music for modern listeners to enjoy. You are so talented. Wishing you the very best!

Iris DeMello

July 28, 2017

I really enjoyed your concert today at the Kaiser Rooftop Garden. Could you please add me to your email list? Thanks!

James Gibson

May 28, 2014

Gorgeous with a beautiful voice to boot! Can I have your autograph?

Janet Gallin

March 2, 2014

I cannot tell you what a joy for me it was to hear you the other night at the Barn Theater for the evening of Cole Porter. So glad you gave me your website; I can see you are already a leading light in the world of music. Just what should be! I can see people trying their best to describe you and give words to your wizardry - always tough to describe music in words since music is its own language. I hope to see you sooner than later, and as I am watching the Academy Awards, I cannot for the life of me figure out why you are not presenting a song!! Well, another year.

John Dahl Honoré

August 25, 2013

WOW! You totally have a new fan!

Louis Halcyon Simmons

August 10, 2012

Can't wait to have your music on our station. Smooth Jazz Beach Radio - San Francisco's Smooth Jazz Station!

marty gamble

May 21, 2012

Hi Amanda: Nice meeting you at the baseball game and the SCB Kindergarten party this past weekend. I asked your mom you had a website...and here I am.

Do you sing in the LA area? Would be delighted to hear you in the jazz clubs if you are around.

Marty Gamble
Grandmother of Atticus Moustakas

Julian Mostel

January 8, 2012

We met at Birdland a couple of months ago. I'd like to stay on your mailing list.


October 22, 2011

You're amazing. I saw you Friday night at the Cabaret Convention. I can't get "Through the Courtesy of Love" out of my mind.
I hope to see you at the Metropolitan Room


September 16, 2011

you rock!!!

carol brennan

July 23, 2011

tonight at savanna jazz amanda sang my favorite version of it had to be you ever. look forward to seeing more of you soon.

Rev Ayisha Benham

July 2, 2011

Enjoyed your music. Friend of your mom

Melissa Ayres

June 17, 2011

Would love to come to your gigs, Amanda!
It would also be great to have you participate in Feldenkrais /Awareness Through Movement classes or workshops whenever you have the time.
All the best! ~ Melissa from The Jazz Heritage Center

Hannah Marks

November 27, 2010

love your website. Have sent it off to my music/theatre going 'gang' of mostly non-performers. I didn't give them much notice for the Rrazz Room and am lining them up for your Feb gig at NCTC. Great to see you on Monday -- to think I might not have dicovered you yet if not for TBA! All the best in the New Year. Hannah

Rayne Sene

November 19, 2010

Hi. I just heard about you on the radio..NPR ....I thought I'd give you a listen....and they're right. Your an incredible interpreter...great jazz singer. I like your phrasing and attitude in your song. I'm your Fan. Sincerely, Rayne

Hank Jones

November 16, 2010

Wonderful review, Amanda. Keep knockin' 'em dead!

Hank Jones


November 9, 2010

Please come to Chicago for a performance--Chicagoans love jazz too. Love your CD.


November 9, 2010

You're the best! Zoom zoom ZOOM!

Just Me

November 8, 2010

You're a special singer. You're a special person.
LOVE your voice. Love you.